Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Roughing In...

Most of the components like cabinets have arrived (UPS, freight, etc) so I am begining the rough assembly of the interior.  It's shaping up to be just like the 3D plan, which is good. I deliberately left a few of the details until this rough-in phase, so I could get a feel for where things should go, and the spatial relationships between things. There are no big surprises so far, which is good. A few small adjustments, like the electrical box/panel I switched left-for-right, because the inverter user interface would have faced the wall instead of the interior, had the box been on the right.

I am pretty happy with how it's coming together!  Lots of electrical wiring to do, and final placement of the cabinets and benches, but it's pretty close to what I want already.

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