Saturday, March 15, 2014


I decided to put solar panels on the roof of the trailer so it can charge the battery bank whenever it's sunny. I have all the components now but haven't started the installation because I'm trying to decide whether (and how) to make them tilt toward the sun, which makes them much more effective. Unfortunately, because the trailer is mobile, it could end up in any orientation relative to the sun, so the panels would have to have a pretty elaborate tilting mechanism. Or not -- I could just have one tilt direction for my own driveway, and figure that is the 80% case. Still thinking about that.

I bought RENOGY panels and boxes, through Amazon. They appear to be good quality, and the company was responsive. They are 100W panels and I bought 3 of them. As of today, Amazon has a kit with two panels for about $330. I added a single additional panel, and had to buy some Y connectors to wire them all in parallel, here on Amazon.

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